The cube numbers

One very important number structure are what we call the cube number in this treatise. It could also be called the double tetrahedra numbers, or something else. The reason why we call it cube numbers is that it that we have to do with eight numbers in all, and they can be associated with the corners in a cube. If we to each plane in the cube associate a number, then the cube numbers associated with each corner is the sum of the numbers on the planes meeting in this corner. The number so generated has many properties, and there are several remarkable fact where it appears in function theory.

The first property is that the numbers naturally separate in two groups, each group made up by the two tetrahedra that can be inscribed in the cube. The first number properties is that the sum of the numbers in each group is the same.

The nunbers also mirror each other over the average of one of the groups. So if we have one quadruple, we can also find the other quadruple

Calculate cube numbers

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